“You’re MASSIVE”

Ive had a good day today.

Like, a really good day. So much so that Craig even asked me what had happened because I seem like my “pre-pregnant” self again. I told him what a woner a goods night sleep can do!!


It even didnt bother me when I walked into the house and my dads 4 year old foster kid shouted “oh my god you’re MASSIVE” 

in which I responded – “gee thanks little dude, you sure know how to speak to women” – I really hope he changes his tatics by the time he hits courting age lol.


The one thing that did bother me though, was the fact i had an appointment to see my consultant today, but he wasnt in so I had to see one of his minions – who had NO F**KING CLUE WHAT THE HELL SHE WAS ON ABOUT!!!!!!!!!

She didnt even read my pregnany notes the stupid cow!! – She then even went on to insist that the growth scan I needed to book for 36 weeks wasnt “neccassary” because SPD doesnt effect the growth of a baby. NO SHIT SHERLOCK – BUT IT EFFECTS WHETHER OR NOT I CAN PUSH IT OUT!!!!

My god I was angry, then all of a sudden- that was the end of our appointment – with the swift dismissal (a mere wave of her hand in he direction of the door) done. IGNORANT DAMN COW!


I stuck to my guns and got my scan though – this is the birth of my first (and probably only) child so If they think Im just going to fanny about with details they can get stuffed. Needless to say – my records show I DO NOT want to see her again – under ANY circumstances.




sorry…. but Craig told me to stop with the rant because it could stres Ella out……





on the plus side though – we had our 31 week growth scan today and Ella is measuring a week ahead with a weight of 3lb10!! at 31 weeks!! omg im having a chunky baby at this rate!! noone would of thought Ive been vommiting this whole damn time hehe.


Cant wait to meet my chunky monkey now – no matter how she comes into this world 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤