“You’re MASSIVE”

Ive had a good day today.

Like, a really good day. So much so that Craig even asked me what had happened because I seem like my “pre-pregnant” self again. I told him what a woner a goods night sleep can do!!


It even didnt bother me when I walked into the house and my dads 4 year old foster kid shouted “oh my god you’re MASSIVE” 

in which I responded – “gee thanks little dude, you sure know how to speak to women” – I really hope he changes his tatics by the time he hits courting age lol.


The one thing that did bother me though, was the fact i had an appointment to see my consultant today, but he wasnt in so I had to see one of his minions – who had NO F**KING CLUE WHAT THE HELL SHE WAS ON ABOUT!!!!!!!!!

She didnt even read my pregnany notes the stupid cow!! – She then even went on to insist that the growth scan I needed to book for 36 weeks wasnt “neccassary” because SPD doesnt effect the growth of a baby. NO SHIT SHERLOCK – BUT IT EFFECTS WHETHER OR NOT I CAN PUSH IT OUT!!!!

My god I was angry, then all of a sudden- that was the end of our appointment – with the swift dismissal (a mere wave of her hand in he direction of the door) done. IGNORANT DAMN COW!


I stuck to my guns and got my scan though – this is the birth of my first (and probably only) child so If they think Im just going to fanny about with details they can get stuffed. Needless to say – my records show I DO NOT want to see her again – under ANY circumstances.




sorry…. but Craig told me to stop with the rant because it could stres Ella out……





on the plus side though – we had our 31 week growth scan today and Ella is measuring a week ahead with a weight of 3lb10!! at 31 weeks!! omg im having a chunky baby at this rate!! noone would of thought Ive been vommiting this whole damn time hehe.


Cant wait to meet my chunky monkey now – no matter how she comes into this world 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤




Oh good god!

“By far the most common craving of pregnant women is not to be pregnant.” 

                                       ~Phyllis Diller


Now this, and I do feel awful for saying this, but at times – is true. Well for me at least.

I love my unborn daughter with all my heart, and would give anything to ensure her safety but my god the 3rd trimester DRAAAGS!!

My morning sickness has lasted all the way through! I had Midwifes and nurses saying “oh dont worry it will all calm down soon” and before I hit the 20 week mark, I still believed them, but by 24 weeks I just wanted to empty my full-to-the-brim sick bowl over their damn heads! I didnt think it was possible to feel so uncomfotable/heavy/fit-to-burst, and im only 31 Weeks!! Trying to find a position to sit and chill, only to get a foot under my ribs or a hand tickling my pelvis bone (which is so painfull sometimes, as I am also blessed with Symphis Pubis Dysfunction!!

I love feeling you move and have a good wriggle but please stop using mummys’ bladder as a punching bag!

Oh!! The mood swings. My POOR fiance!!

Im turning into the devil! Honest to god!!

We were supposed to go to the cinema yesterday. We got to the corner around from the busstop and saw it pull away without us. I then raged like the lass from the exorcist, (full 360 head turn and everything,) burst into tears screaming “WHATS THE F***ING POINT?!!?!” as i swiftly turned on my heels and stomped home, all the while Craig was stood in the middle of the pavement wondering why Satan had just briefly taken over his partner!

I know as soon as I hold my baby girl in my arms for the first time I will forget all the pain and nausea, but for now, I write this as a reminder to myself!! My dream in life was to be a mum….but Craig can have the next one if he wants it so bad haha!!!