She hasn’t moved much today, the only time I do feel her is when she has hiccups which is strange. Kinda freaking me out. I’ve got awful back pain that’s spreading to my side as well and cannot stop puking 😦 today is not a good day, I have a head MRI scan to go to in an hour and I’ve just puked all over the hospital bedding, so that’s gunna be fun….. Not.




Battered and bruised

As you can see, my little one is SO not cooperating today and every time they try and monitor her, she flips out and won’t stop kicking/punching and even summersaulting (yes, summersaulting at 32 weeks!!) I’m so bruised right now the slightest flinch from her is agony.
This little one is so awkward. Just like her father πŸ˜† hehe
And I haven’t kept any food down since 12 last night so I’m starving! Just puked up a roast pork dinner with stuffing n everything 😡 proper wounded 😦
So much for going home today.


It’s time!

And by that I mean time to look like a sexy piece of ass in my anti blood clot stockings πŸ‘
Oh by the way, I’ve started twitter – don’t know why, just thought id join the hype so if you have twitter, and can actually stand my rambling on (you deserve a medal) then give us a follow @mrskathrynjames. πŸ™‚ – it may have random posts about nail stuff on there as I’m starting to train as a nail tech but for the foreseeable future it’s just going to be an extension of this blog really – just a lot more updates. (Oh god)

Those stockings are sooo damn itchy if you turn into a werewolf like me in the winter period and point blank refuse to shave your legs (hey! It’s only to keep me warm πŸ˜‰ plus, I can’t frigging reach below my knees anymore anyway 😡)

Off I go now, leaving you with that lovely image in your head – Julia Roberts style my friends πŸ˜‰

Hope your all well

Kathryn x


What a week!!

High blood pressure sucks! I’ve been in and out if damn hospital for it this last week! I’m now currently sat waiting for some mass produced food they somehow get away with calling “tea” before being put back on hourly BP readings and 6 hourly fetal heart traces. I feel like I had only just got started with my blog and now Its gone to poo 😦 could really do with a heavily pregnant friend right about now, least someone would understand how helpless I feel 😦 sad times. On a better note – here is a picture of my chunky monkey at her 31 week scan πŸ™‚


“You’re MASSIVE”

Ive had a good day today.

Like, a really good day. So much so that Craig even asked me what had happened because I seem like my “pre-pregnant” self again. I told him what a woner a goods night sleep can do!!


It even didnt bother me when I walked into the house and my dads 4 year old foster kid shouted “oh my god you’re MASSIVE”Β 

in whichΒ I responded – “gee thanks little dude, you sure know how to speak to women” – I really hope he changes his tatics by the time he hits courting age lol.


The one thing that did bother me though, was the fact i had an appointment to see my consultant today, but he wasnt in so I had to see one of his minions – who had NO F**KING CLUE WHAT THE HELL SHE WAS ON ABOUT!!!!!!!!!

She didnt even read my pregnany notes the stupid cow!! – She then even went on to insist that the growth scan I needed to book for 36 weeks wasnt “neccassary” because SPD doesnt effect the growth of a baby. NO SHIT SHERLOCK – BUT IT EFFECTS WHETHER OR NOT I CAN PUSH IT OUT!!!!

My god I was angry, then all of a sudden- that was the end of our appointment – with the swift dismissal (a mere wave of her hand in he direction of the door) done. IGNORANT DAMN COW!


I stuck to my guns and got my scan though – this is the birth of my first (and probably only) child so If they think Im just going to fanny about with details they can get stuffed. Needless to say – my records show I DO NOT want to see her again – under ANY circumstances.




sorry…. but Craig told me to stop with the rant because it could stres Ella out……





on the plus side though – we had our 31 week growth scan today and Ella is measuring a week ahead with a weight of 3lb10!! at 31 weeks!! omg im having a chunky baby at this rate!! noone would of thought Ive been vommiting this whole damn time hehe.


Cant wait to meet my chunky monkey now – no matter how she comes into this world πŸ™‚ ❀ ❀ ❀