What a week!!

High blood pressure sucks! I’ve been in and out if damn hospital for it this last week! I’m now currently sat waiting for some mass produced food they somehow get away with calling “tea” before being put back on hourly BP readings and 6 hourly fetal heart traces. I feel like I had only just got started with my blog and now Its gone to poo 😦 could really do with a heavily pregnant friend right about now, least someone would understand how helpless I feel 😦 sad times. On a better note – here is a picture of my chunky monkey at her 31 week scan 🙂



2 thoughts on “What a week!!

  1. 31 weeks! That means you only have 9 (8 if they induce you at 39 weeks) left. You will be fine. I had high bp too, during my pregnancy. Lots of Luck. I can’t wait to see pictures of the baby when she arrives.

    • I’m actually 32 weeks as of this Monday just gone, just didn’t have time to post her picture up last week. And yeah, I have a growth scan 6th jan @ 36 weeks so we shall see what they decided to do about the birth then, I just want her here 😦 x

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